Acceptation definition: the state of being acceptable and accepted. It also means the favorable reception or approval. In archaic English it was used like acceptance and  its roots are from Latin word ACCEPTATIO which meant receiving.

This word was more in usage in archaic times and according to mr Dwine M.Pratt has been mentioned even in Bible on various meanings from which we will show some below:
"ak-sep-ta'-shun: "To receive with favor," "to take pleasure in"; "well-pleasing"; "the act of receiving."

Accept, used

(1) of sacrifice, "accept thy burnt-sacrifice" (dashen, "accept as fat," i.e. receive favorably; Psalm 20:3);

(2) of persons, "Yahweh accept Job" (Job 42:9, nasa', "to lift up," "take," "receive");

(3) of works, "a the work of his hands" (Deuteronomy 33:11 ratsah, "to delight in").

In New Testament

(1) of favors, "We accept. with all thankfulness" (apodechomai, Acts 24:3);

(2) of personal appeal, "He accept our exhortation" (2 Corinthians 8:17);

(3) of God's Impartiality (lambano, "to take," "receive"); "accepteth not man's person" (Galatians 2:6).

Acceptable, used

(1) of justice (bachar, "choose select"), "more accept. than sacrifice" (Proverbs 21:3);

(2) of words (chephets, "delight in," "sought. accept words") (Ecclesiastes 12:10);

(3) of times (ratson, "delight," "approbation"; dektos, "receivable") "acceptable year of the Lord" (Isaiah 61:2 (King James Version); Luke 4:19);

(4) of spiritual sacrifice (euprosdektos, "well received"), "acceptable to God" (1 Peter 2:5);

(5) of patient endurance (charis, "grace," "favor") "This is acceptable with God" (1 Peter 2:20). Acceptation, used twice to indicate the trustworthiness of the gospel of Christ's saving grace: "worthy of all acceptation." (1 Timothy 1:15; 1 Timothy 4:9).

These words are full of the abundant grace of God and are rich in comfort to believers. That which makes man, in word, work and character, acceptable to God; and renders It possible for God to accept him, his service and sacrifice, is the fullness of the Divine mercy and grace and forgiveness. He "chose us" and made us, as adopted sons, the heirs of His grace "which he freely bestowed on us in the Beloved" (Ephesians 1:6; compare the King James Version)."


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